About fest
meta- queerfest will be held in Minsk on September 4-6, 2015 in CECH
(vul. Кastryčnickaja, 16)

mеtа- is an attempt to go beyond the existing cultural and social codes, question the gender limits, to identify the problems of the context in which they arise and are reproduced.

Our objective is to create a comfortable space of solidarity for all of us, where differences are accepted but not denied.

We stand for a variety of theories and practices. We talk about our lives in terms of culture and critical art.

Organizer of the festival – MAKEOUT is a project on gender, sexuality and the peculiarities of their manifestations in Belarus.

Our team
Nick Antipov

I can’t write well, because the crocodile. I am responsible for the cosmos of the festival.
Vika Biran

Likes telling people ‘no’ or ‘yes’. No matter what, only clear enough. Took part in shaping the festival program. Knows all the volunteers. Keeps her planner in a school diary.
Svetlana Gatalskaya

Coordinator of the meta- film festival and the MAKEOUT film club. A fan of Matt Groening and Tetris. Can easily answer the questions “What can I watch tonight?” and “What is ‘the pip’ in the saying ‘May you get the pip’?”
Andrei Zavalei

I have no titles or ranks. The only label I’m ready to wear proudly on my chest is ‘human’. My religion is humanism.
Each, even the smallest thing is important, because the Universe is made up of tiny pieces.
Sasha Ihnatovich

Cinema-fetishist-activist-researcher. Appreciates speaking straight and to the point. Sure that the thought, art and direct action can create a queer world open to all. This is what guided her in selecting the films for meta-.
Andrei Karpeka

A person for whom ‘space’ is the key word. Ideally, space for everybody without exception. Supporter of discussion and debate, honest statements and subtle emotions. Looks for all this both in life and in the movies. Together with the team, responsible for the film program of the festival. Said the final ‘yes’ or ‘no’ together with Tanya.
Nasta Mantsevich

It is my honor and pleasure to work in the queerfest team, to feel involvement in the important thing that we are doing together.
Mila Novakovskaya

Queer-festival all-rounder. Believes in the power of mindfullness and glitter. In developing the concept of the festival coined the idea of the slogan ‘Queer is the Universe’. Always dancing inside.
Dasha Romanovich

Does the design and other different things for the meta- festival. Loves silence, video games and drawing.
Tanya Setsko

A researcher at the Center for Gender Studies (EHU), cultural activist. Favors a variety of theories and practices. Likes cats. In charge of the festival program.
Eva Falter

I am an artist, in meta- responsible for the visual. The most important rule: look and don't look away.
Films were sent to the festival
Call for applications is closed on April 30, 2015